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Logo Branding Options
If you are not sure which option is the best,  the easiest thing to do is contact us and talk though your requirements, let us have your artwork and we will then mock up a range of memory sticks for you. We can supply graphical mock-ups in all branding options if you want after all we want you to be 100% happy with your decision and if that means creating a few more mock-ups for you then so be it – that is what we are here for.
Here is little summary of the range of printing options available to you on our extensive range of flash drives:
1. Silk Screen printing
- The most popular printing method for brandeding, and suitable for any surface. 
- Allows you to print individual colours to build up your logo

2. Fullcolor digital printing
- Nornally used on credit card USB

3. Domed Digital Printing
- Full colour print with shades and gradients is supported
- Excellent results with even the most complex of designs
4. Engraving
- Option for metal surface only
- Long lasting techniques that is generally scratch resistant 
5. Embossing
- Option for Leather and wooden surface only
- Extremely tough and resilient
- Produces a very professional (luxurious) finish

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