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What are the different types of digital film today? 
Digital film uses non-volatile flash memory, meaning it does not require power to hold and retain the pictures taken. Flash memory technology
is ideal for applications that require portability and ruggedness. There are five types of flash memory (digital film) used for digital cameras today: 
CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MultiMediaCard, and Secure Digital
What is the CompactFlash Association? 
The CompactFlash Association (CFA) was established in 1995, as a non-profit, mutually beneficial industry association. The CFA premise is that 
CompactFlash technology will result in the intro-duction of a new class of advanced, small, lightweight, low-powered mobile products that will
significantly increase the productivity and enhance the lifestyle of millions of people. CompactFlash provides the capability to easily transfe all 
types of digital information and software between a large variety of digital systems. The goals of the CFA are to promote and encourage the 
worldwide adoption of CompactFlash technology as an open-industry standard. 
Information on the CompactFlash Association can be found at hyperlink
What does 4X, 12X, 16X, 32X,and40X (1X=150KB/sec.) performance mean? 
Because digital film WRITE performance is so important in capturing the right picture at the right moment, Lexar has implemented an easy-to-
understand system to indicate the speed at which the card is capable of storing data. The system is adopted from the CD-ROM industry,in which 
the performance of CD-ROM drives are rated in "X" increments, where 1X is equal to a minimum sustained write speed of 150 kilobytes (KB) per 
second. Lexar will continue to introduce faster products with greater "X" ratings, giving consumers an easy way to recognize the latest in high- 
performance digital film.
4X = Capable of 600KB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed;                  12X = Capable of 1.8MB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed
16X = Capable of 2.4MB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed;                 32X = Capable of 4.8MB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed
40X = Capable of 6.0MB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed 
What does the symbol CF+ represent? 
This symbol means the CompactFlash card meets the CompactFlash specifications, contains additional USB functionality, and is guaranteed to 
work in all digital cameras. CF+ is a symbol established by the CompactFlash Association.



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