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USB Flash Drives
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USB Flash Drive
Q1 : Why Windows 98 / 98SE can't supply plug & play?
A1 : Because Windows 98 / 98SE does not have a built-in driver program for a Mass Storage Device. Therefore, we must install the driver program bundled to the product for proper use.  
Q2 : What is the difference between USB 1.1 and USB 2.0?
A2 : USB 1.1 standard transfer rate is 12Mbps, and USB 2.0 standard ransfer rate is 480Mbps.  
Q3 : Why can't we save data into Portable drives?
A3 : Please check if the write-protect switch is set to OFF. If it still does not work after setting the switch to ON, please send it to the distributor for maintenance.


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